Melanie Brown, Active Norfolk, 28th January 2016

Melanie Brown, Active Norfolk, 28th January 2016

Following the AGM on 28th January the work of Active Norfolk, a successful new CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) was explained by Melanie Brown, Fit Together Development Officer for Norfolk.

Through its first 10 years of life this charitable organisation has already gathered nearly 3000 members and runs an amazing 6 well-advertised walks each week, along with many other activities locally such as Fit Together tea dances, line dancing, badminton, exercise training classes and various fund raising events.

Starting as an Active Norfolk initiative with the support of the pharmacists Lloyds, Norfolk County Council, and Public Health (NHS) the concept was to improve Norfolk resident’s physical, mental and social health through shared activities.

The important health benefits of keeping active, such as having leaner, stronger muscles, healthier cardiovascular systems, stronger bones and more energy, are even more vital for diabetics because activity makes their limited or injected insulin work better. The social aspect of these communal activities is also very important to an individual’s sense of well-being.

The walks programme is well thought out with a range available to cover every level of ability from gentle ambles to 3 to 4 mile walks or further for the very active. The arranged walks will not exceed 4 miles in future and participants will be signposted to the Ramblers if they want to go further. All walks are well-described and usually start from a nearby car park. Detailed programmes of all activities are available in most local libraries, Lloyds Pharmacies at Aylsham and Sheringham, Cromer’s Tourist Information Centre and Wells Community Hospital, and programmes can be downloaded on line from Active Norfolk.

The Group were very inspired by Melanie’s presentation and pleased to be made more aware of the range of enjoyable activities now available for them.

For more information see the active Norfolk web-site where all their programmes are available <>