Adopt a Project

The two research projects for 2018 that the Group has chosen to donate £1,000 each to are as follows:

ReTUNEing Type 2
diabetes remission
Professor Roy Taylor, University of Newcastle
£516, 389 Project grant
Mar 2018 - Mar 2021
Reversal of Type 2 diabetes Upon
Normalisation of Energy intake in non-obese
people (ReTUNE)
Obesity is a key risk factor for Type 2 diabetes,
but not everyone with this condition is overweight.
Professor Taylor will study whether weight loss in
people with Type 2 diabetes who aren’t obese can
put their condition into remission. If this is
confirmed it could lead to a change in the advice
given to people with Type 2 who aren’t overweight.


Understanding the extremely
early onset of Type 1 diabetes
Dr Richard Oram,
University of Exeter Medical School
£799,275 Harry Keen Intermediate Fellowship
Mar 2017 – Mar 2021
Extreme early onset Type 1 diabetes
Dr Oram will study an extremely rare form of
Type 1 diabetes, which develops in children
before 12 months of age. He wants to understand
how it is possible for the immune system to go
rogue at such a young age. Dr Oram hopes that
understanding why this rare form of Type 1
diabetes develops will shed a light on why Type 1
diabetes develops in general.