Alirae Bunkle, 26th October 2017

Alirae Bunkle, 26th October 2017


This month we welcomed back one of our favourite speaker's Alirae Bunkle (right of photo), Diabetes Specialist Nurse from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn.

Alirae confirmed that the Queen Elizabeth A&E were receiving a lot more admissions to hospital from people suffering hypos and they and the surgeries are looking at these to try and see why figures had increased and how to advise patients how to avoid hypos.

The main part of her talk to us was to identify foods which help treat hypos. We were all given empty packets and bottles and imitation food and discussed the pros and cons of each item. 

Some of the issues raised were that Lucozade have changed their recipe so people need to check how much they should take to treat their hypo. If you had a hypo whilst driving you should wait at least 45 minutes until you drive again to enable your system and reactions to get back to normal. Some foods, bananas and orange juice, should be avoided if you have kidney problems because of the high potassium content.

To confirm these facts or find out more check out the DUK website or ring the helpline on 0345 123 2399.

This month’s session ended with the usual questions and answers and a well earned cup of tea.