Alirae Bunkle, Diabetes specialist Nurse

Alirae Bunkle, Diabetes specialist Nurse

Alirae Bunkle, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, West Norfolk

‘Carbs and Cals’ may not mean too much to non-diabetics but understanding them is critical for the good management of a diabetic’s naturally fluctuating blood sugar levels. It was also the title of Alirae’s talk, using the guide book of that title produced by Diabetes UK, that illustrates ideal portions of most generally used foods, each accompanied by its carbohydrate and calorie content.

Alirae’s presence on the 27th November ensured a large and attentive audience, as she has become the Group’s most popular speaker through being able to communicate quite complex subjects in an easily understood and enjoyable way. Also, in her very interactive talk Alirae’s profound understanding of diabetes management means that no problem raised by the audience goes unanswered.

For every diabetic an understanding of the complex relationships between diabetes medications, diet and exercise is difficult to grasp. But all learnt immensely from the use of anonymous case studies and getting the audience to calculate the intake of carbs from the diet illustrated along with medications taken and any recorded exercise, and then getting the audience to estimate their likely outcome on blood sugar levels.

Advice on dosages to overcome hypos and the need to be aware of overcompensation were amongst specific and helpful discussions, and as ever for Alirae, at question time, a queue of questioners on individual concerns awaited her assured answers. All hoped she would be able to talk to the Group again.