Rebecca Champion, 27th April 2017

Rebecca Champion, 27th April 2017

Three members from The North Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (C.C.G.) that were welcomed to our April meeting were Engagement Manager Rebecca Champion, Prescribing Advisor Christine Walton and Clinical Programme Officer Sarah Morter.

They explained how the CCG works and the services that they commission for 19 surgeries across North Norfolk and Waveney. There are 212 CCG’s in England and North Norfolk has one the highest elderly population in the country.

At the moment 79,000 people in Norfolk have diabetes which is higher than the national average.

A new initiative has been in operation since September 2016 to identify people who have a high blood glucose reading and are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This is known as Healthier You, NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and is only aimed at people who have not yet been diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic. The aim of this programme is, as the title shows, to try and stop people at risk developing Type 2 diabetes.

Following a health check and blood test, if patients have a glucose HbA1c reading of between 42 and 47 they are “pre-diabetic” and will be invited to join a nine month programme to help them avoid becoming Type 2. These group sessions will help them to learn about nutrition and health, add physical activity into their lifestyle, and solve problems which can get in the way of healthy changes. These sessions will be held locally to you and can be arranged at a time to suit all.

To date 1,673 referrals have been made into the service and 20 sessions have already started. Some initial reports from patients attending the programme are very positive and encouraging. The aims now are that “prevention is better than cure” and by stopping the progress to Type 2 diabetes will, in the long run, help people stay healthier longer and be a saving on the extremely high costs that the diabetes condition and complications are on the NHS.

The evening was rounded off with a series of questions and answers, members thanked Rebecca, Christine and Sarah for taking time from their busy schedule to visit the Group.

More information about this programme can be obtained from or on 0800 043 9806.