David Robinson, 24th August 2017

David Robinson, 24th August 2017

Our August meeting welcomed David Robinson, Volunteer Co-ordinator at the Eastern Regional Office of Diabetes UK.

David started his talk by thanking our group for all its hard work in promoting the image of Diabetes UK and for our fundraising efforts. We are one of 62 groups in the Eastern Region and there are a total of 390 groups in the UK. One of his aims is to open more groups in his area.

He agreed that it is difficult to attract new members and volunteers to help with fund raising but this seems to be a general problem to all charities. He also agreed that the Clinical Commissioning Groups and local surgeries could also be a bit more helpful.

David confirmed that Diabetes UK has a new strap line in their logo, being “a world where diabetes can do no harm” and we are encouraged to include this on all our promotional material.

Diabetes UK has 6 new aims and these are:-


  1. Greater investment in research.
  2. Transformation in diabetes care.
  3. Reducing obesity and preventing type 2 diabetes.
  4. Helping everyone to manage their diabetes.
  5. A revolution in understanding and support.
  6. The best people and the best organisation.

He gave a few facts, stating that 30% of patients do not attend their retinopathy appointment, of all people diagnosed with diabetes only 21% believe diabetes to be a serious condition. There are about 140 lower limb amputations weekly and a good proportion of these are avoidable. Of the 700 patients diagnosed daily, 15% of these are type 1.

David ended up again confirming their thanks and giving encouragement to us to continue all our good works in “spreading the word” with all our information days and fundraising events.