Nigel Wilton, 26th January 2017

Nigel Wilton, 26th January 2017

Nigel Wilton of Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire’s pre-packaged and frozen convenience meals were originally developed for institutional use particularly by hospitals, but their value in home delivery for the elderly, ill and those needing special diets now dominates their sales.

Nigel described the problems of malnutrition where a shortage of calories and proteins is also associated with a lack of minerals and vitamins, noting that because adults eat less as they age the quality of their diet becomes more important; for example the cells of the entire skeleton are progressively replaced every seven years. Poor diet itself leads to an increased risk of infection, poor healing, and more falls and poor mobilisation. Thus it is thought that just reducing malnutrition by 1% could save the NHS £130 million each year.

Wiltshire Farm Foods have their own dietician (Helen Willis) and chef, and flash freeze the meals so that they retain more of their taste and vitamins and can be kept frozen for at least a year; up to 18 months for some meals. The packaging is designed with older hands in mind. The foil is micro-porous and does not need pricking before heating; also it can be easily peeled off.

An extensive range of meals is offered, some with low fat, sugars and salt that are very suitable for diabetics. There are allergen-free meals with a great many other ‘free-from’ meals such as gluten-free and vegetarian. There are energy dense meals for those with greatly reduced appetites with a range also designed for those with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) whilst retaining both nutritional value and visual and taste appeal. These various claims were put to the test by the audience who all then happily sampled some of the meals prepared by Nigel.

Orders can be as needed (with a minimum value), and delivery arrangements are excellent adding to the many reasons why the demand for these meals is growing.

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