Patient and Public Involvement in Research

Diabetes UK is willing to help researchers with patient and public involvement in the development of their research by circulating requests to people with diabetes. Please note that Diabetes UK will not endorse the research highlighted in the request and any interested individuals should contact researchers directly.

The current research is concerned with the psychological experience of managing a medical condition through diet, specifically type 2 diabetes and coeliac disease. We are approaching this in a multi-faceted way: through focus groups, a questionnaire and a case study.

I need to recruit 20 people with type 2 diabetes to take part in a focus group – there are 2 focus groups online (for those who do not live near Milton Keynes) and 2 face to face in Milton Keynes. I also need to recruit 1 person to take part in a case study, which will consist of a series of interviews.

The focus groups last for an hour and a half and will be arranged on a day that suits the participants; including weekends and weeknights.

The people who are involved will be asked to converse with others in their focus group (a maximum of 10 people) about topics related to management of their diabetes. There are 4 themes that are related to mental health and the psychological experience of type 2 diabetes.

Funding for the studies runs out at the end of July, and due to this I need to get moving quite quickly. A rough deadline would be July the 10th.

Please email Catherine MacKenzie direct at if you wish to take part in the study.