Sarah Haws, 28th September 2017

Sarah Haws, 28th September 2017

For our September meeting we welcomed back Sarah Haws of the KIWI Group from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn.

Sarah is a Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse at the Hospital and with other volunteers runs the KIWI Children’s Diabetes Group (King’s Lynn and Wisbech).

Currently the department has 145 children with type 1 diabetes, 105 of these are under 16, 25 are under 5 and 34 of these are on pumps. They also have 2 children with type 2 diabetes.

Our North Norfolk Diabetes Group makes a donation to them annually to help fund some of their activities and Sarah came to explain how our funds are used.

Sarah showed us some pictures of their outings which included a visit to Hill Top, Sheringham where the children eagerly joined in with all the activities. With all the day to day challenges the children faced they were supported by various Doctors Nurses and other volunteers. Some of these volunteers were young people who had previously attended these events and wanted to help younger children with their diabetes.

They also provide social support for the families of diabetic children with a sport and exercise day in Hunstanton and a group picnic which involved the families in carb counting and learning about adjusting insulin dosage.

The group attended the East of England Diabetes Games and although they didn’t win they did very well on the day.  

Sarah confirmed that although there was still a long way to go, children are now receiving better help in their schools than on the past. Sarah is happy to visit schools to help train teachers.

After some questions and answers Sarah was presented with a cheque by our Chairman towards their 2018 activities.