Your 2018 Newsletter

                     YOUR 2018 NEWSLETTER


As we look back over 2018 it has proven to be a successful and fulfilling year as far as the organised monthly meetings, fundraising and Awareness and Information days are concerned.

The Walk for Diabetes at Sheringham Park in June this year raised a total of £2050.00 and a massive thank you to all of the walkers who took part and to their sponsors because without you this terrific amount would not have been reached. Regrettably there will not be a 'Walk for Diabetes' in 2019 managed by the Group but should anybody wish to organise their own walk please feel free to do so.

Committee members once again attended The Aylsham Show with fundraising games and items for sale which again proved to be an event well worth attending.

As you know from previous Newsletters, three people have been mentioned, Bill and Janet Taylor and Lee Mitchinson, who organise their own organised street collections. This year is no exception with over £1,100 being raised by them. A big thank you to them as they have raised over £15,000 for the Group since 2010.

Thank you also to those that have raised and gave donations for the Group over the years.

It has been agreed to donate £2,000 to two 'Adopt a Project' s and £3,000 To the Diabetes UK Research Fund. The KIWI Group and The Norwich and District Diabetes Youth Group will receive £1,000 each for their adventure and support events.

The two chosen projects are 'ReTUNEing Type 2 diabetes remission' by Professor RoyTaylor, University of Newcastle and Understanding the extremely early onset of Type1diabetes by Dr. Richard Oram, University of Exeter Medical School. Further details of these projects can be found on the Group's website or our Facebook page.

A major step has been made to approach the CCG regarding the funding of the Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System and we are pleased to confirm that from 1st April 2019 it should be available to all qualifying Type 1 diabetics.

As well as the Group's Chairman Mick Greenhalf, who was due to retire at the end of 2018, two of our officers and two committee members will also be standing down. After due consideration it was decided that all current officers and committee members would step down and we would look for a completely new committee to take over the running of the group in the future.

Regrettable we have been unable to find new people and at the AGM on the 22nd November all the committee stepped down and the group has been put “on hold”, hopefully only temporarily.  

Jackie Greenhalf will stay as Treasurer in name only to keep the accounts running in order to accept any further donations that may be made in 2019 and Mick Greenhalf will stay as Chairman in name only during 2019 to keep the Groups' name open in the hope that new volunteers can be found to reactivate the North Norfolk Group in the future and carry on its good work. No meetings or fundraising will take place in 2019 and if nothing has changed by the end of next year the Group will officially close.

If you or anyone you know would like to take up this challenge please contact the Eastern Volunteering Team on 01376 501390 or email

The Group held its first meeting at Cromer Hospital towards the end of 1980 and has worked diligently in North Norfolk for 38 years. In the past we have attended the education sessions for newly diagnosed Type 2 patients and hope that this will continue into the New Year.

Treasurer Jackie has calculated that since 1993, when her records began, through fundraising and donations, we have been able to give in excess of £200,000.00 to various places. These being, The Research Fund, Research Projects, Diabetes UK Children’s Events Bursary, purchase of items for Cromer Hospital and the Retinopathy Van. If you recall we agreed to sponsor children to attend the Diabetes UK Children’s Events and we actually paid for 30 children in total.

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who were ever ready to help with events and collections, all of our guest speakers and to all our members who have supported us in the past because without you it would not have been possible.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and sadly Goodbye.

Mick Greenhalf (Chairman) Jackie Greenhalf, Jackie and David Neve, Kate and Steve Browne and Kaye and Micky MacKinnon.